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What can I do if my Gmail account and password was hacked & changed?

Have you heard the word “account hijacked or compromised” damn sure you all aware of this term if you are working with your Gmail account or any else account? The hacking is very concern activity which is done by the unknown person or unauthorized person who steal or theft your all personal and professional data and misuses your email id to do this. And for your kind information let me tell you, the hackers are very clever they already change your password, security questions, etc so that you are not able to recover your Gmail account.

How do I Recover Hacked Gmail Account?

But make sure if your basic account recovery option and phone number are not changed then definitely you are capable of recovering your Gmail account. In this post, I will tell you how to recover hacked Gmail account by following the post below. Have a look:

  1. Folks, immediately go to Google account login page and hit the need help link. Once you did it, this page will redirect you Google account recovery page.
  2. Here you have to choose I don’t know my password, then enter your email address and click on continue option. After that, you will see the CAPTCHA form, so fill out very carefully and click the continue button. Enter your last remember password or you can also go with I don’t know option and hit the continue option.
  3. Here Google will play a vital role to recover your Gmail account. It offers you basic Gmail password reset option. But make sure it works only when if you forget your Gmail password. But here the case is different because your Gmail account was hacked. Here you have to go with another option called “verify your identity” which is located at bottom of your page.
  4. This “verify your identity” process will automatically redirect you the verification process where you can simply recover your account by giving the answer to multiple questions.
  5. Now it’s up to you if you give the best possible answer and if your answer is matched with Google expectation then surely are able to recover your hacked Gmail account.

Still, if you have any doubts or queries then simply you can make a direct connection with Gmail Customer Service Help Desk for the immediate solution. They can easily troubleshoot your all problem regarding Gmail like my Gmail account is hacked how to delete and make you error free.

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