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Unable to Solve “Pop up Blocker Not Working in Mozilla Firefox” or disable the Pop Up – Get here Solution

Why is the pop-up blocker not working at all now? Before solving this error you need to know what is pop up and why your troubling Pop up the error in your Mozilla Firefox browser. We know most users don’t know about the pop-up blocker but no worry now you can get knowledge about this problem by this helpful articles. If you are trying to open any website or used to Firefox browser for browsing then without user permission Pop-up blockers stop unnecessary windows. It can be display ads and if the user will click on this ad then you will redirect to another windows or site. In simple words, Pop-ups make the screen overcrowded, slow down your computer and get in the approach of what you are reading and screening, this time can be frustratingly hard to close.

Top 5 Pop-Up Ads Blocker in Mozilla Firefox

A number of kind Pup-up ads disturb to all Firefox browser customers that reason they don’t open the website where they want to go unfortunately when user click on this ad then he will forward on another site it can be dangerous for a customer, your computer, data can be the hack. So be carefully work and don’t click on it. Learn here top Pop up ad blocker like

  • Strict Popup Blocker – It is huge top pop up add-ons user can easily download to this add-on which will help out to the customer for quickly toggle between blocking all pop-up windows, Blocking all pop-up windows, Allowing some pop-ups etc.
  • Adblock Plus Popup – Adblock plus Pop up helps for block annoying pop-up windows, pop-up blocking functionality, individual pop-up, opening pop-ups completely.
  • Dictionary Pop Up – It is third Pop up blocker add-ons, the user can use to this add-ons for surfing the web to see’s definition, Customize your dictionary popup, Choose a specialized definition, Sign for our popular Word.
  • Popup Controller – Numerous customer can use this pop-up blocker for Toggle between allowing pop-ups to open in new tab or block all pop-ups, Pop-ups for favorite sites.

Get solution for Pop up Blocker Not Working in Google Chrome

Methods to change Firefox’s Pop-Up Blocker Settings exceptions and troubleshooting

How to Change Firefox’s Pop-Up Blocker Settings? Firefox does not block pop-ups on this website Not be troubled if you change to set in your web browser, but first you should be knowledgeable about Mozilla comes with a pop-up blocker that is active by default. A number of times, pop-up blockers are helpful, but for some websites, it is not using the reason websites use pop-up windows for example bank website. But finally you want to block pop-ups in Firefox; you can try to follow guidelines like

  1. To start with open the Mozilla Firefox browser on your desktop/Computer.
  2. Next, go to the Menu icon, click on Preferences.
  3. Now, there choose content.
  4. After the disable all pop-up, next, uncheck the “Block pop-up windows”
  5. Later than disable pop-ups on any one site, click on Exceptions, type the URL of the website, next click save changes.

How Do I Block Pop-Ups in PC/Desktop?

Method to allow Pop up blocker for a Website and want to remove them

In case, you need to allow pop up blocker for one website and want to remove then no stress and use to following steps like

  1. To begin with go to Menu = > Preference = > Content = > Exceptions.
  2. Subsequently, choose the Website URL you want to remove from the Exceptions list.
  3. Next Click on ‘Remove Site’.
  4. Final Click on save changes button.

It is complete procedures to disable the Pop Up ads and Pop up Blocker Not Working in Mozilla Firefox” everyone can use these process and solve query in few minutes.  visit Mozilla firefox Customer service

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