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Look Chat History – How to Access and View Chat History from a Gmail Address?

Gmail is accessible with numerous features that are free of cost everyone. The g-chat option is also elements to Gmail through this feature user can talk with friends or anyone without any pay charge but you will need to one Gmail account. When you are using this feature for individual or professionals work then sometimes you will need to delete or view chat history for any reason if you don’t know procedure to view chat history in Gmail mail account, or How to Access and Read Google Chat Logs then take help to this article where you will know complete process related Gmail chat.

Three Types of Chat in Gmail

Before chatting with anyone first you will need to add to that person with you by want to chat you can send or receive mail and start to your chat. Learn here steps to different-2 types chat like

1. Text Chat

In this method, the user will chat with a person only Text message.

  • To begin with login into your Gmail account by typing your email address and password.
  • Make sure the contacts tab for people you want to talk to.
  • Now click the name you want to chat with in current time.
  • Next, you can enter your message.
  • Carry on reading and responding to messages
  • If you don’t want the message to a person then you can easily change your online status like Available, Busy, and Sign out, Invisible.
  • Attempt inviting the new person to chat.

2. Video Chat

In this way, you can chat with someone face to face with video calling method. Like

  • To start with login your Gmail account.
  • Next, click the movie camera icon from your computer or Laptop.
  • After that use the options in the pop-up window to request people to your chat.
  • Later click Invite to finalize your invitations.
  • The user can click Join when you are prepared to chat.
  • Last click the movie camera button in a text chat box.

3. Voice Chat

In this process, a user will share only to voice without text and video message.

  • First of all open to your Gmail account.
  • Now click the phone button and download the Google Voice plug-in.
  • After entering the phone number, Click Call.
  • Then again, click the phone button in a text chat box.

The process to check chat history in Gmail Account

If you are looking resolution to check chat history from your Gmail account then you stop to your search and apply to following ideas like

Method 1: Making Chats Viewable

  1. First open a browser of your choosing, next open your Gmail account.
  2. Later than click the gear button, there you can choose the Settings
  3. Now find out Labels and Chat option, click Show
  4. After that click the Inbox

Method 2: Viewing Your Chat History

  1. First, open your Gmail account on any browser.
  2. Now user can go to inbox menu and find the Chat Click on it.
  3. A user can look more like your chats.

By following techniques you can quickly and easily view to your chat history but if you need more help related this query or how I can recover my old chat history, How to recover chat with a friend then without any more time call to Gmail Customer Service Support Number experts they have enough knowledge related this difficulty.

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