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How to Securely Use to Gmail Account?

Which one is secure email account? You will get a maximum answer of Gmail. It is web-based secure email service. A user can use to this mail service without any trouble on any browser or device. But how a customer can check the account is secure or makes secure Gmail account. The answer is very simple by our post you can learn its in very short period of time. If your account is not safe then you can face a number of kinds trouble in their email account.

Learn steps to secure use to Gmail account

  1. First of all, check for viruses and malware – A number of kind antiviruses are available online in the world that scans to your computer from viruses and malware attacks. You can run to them and perceive any suspicious programs or applications, remove to virus otherwise you can face trouble in their Gmail account.
  2. Now, check Do an account Security Checkup – Everyone can check an account security check-up by click on my account tab and make sure an account security checkup.
  3. After that, update your account recovery options – A customer can apply to account recovery options that will help for account security. You can update to your account recovery option by click on my account, search here sign in & security, sign in your Gmail account, Device activity & notifications, Connected apps & sites, etc.
  4. Now, Enroll in 2-step verification – You can add to 2-step verification system it will help you for account safety. It process will help you that time when you have forgotten your account password and you will get the code on your mobile phone.
  5. At the present, Perform regular operating system and browser updates – A customer can secure to their email account by regular update to operating system and browser,
  6. Gone. Never use your Google Account password on another website – A number of time you get the message from the unknown website, if you enter your password then it can be compromised. In this case, someone can use to your Gmail account.
  7. Get on, Protect your password – Never share your password to an unknown website, it can be very unsafe for you.
  8. Use a strong password – You should make use of a unique password like Capital words, numerically, symbol, etc. These words strong to your password for account safety.

It is sufficient procedures for secure to Gmail account, every client can use to this method and trouble-free use to their Gmail account anytime.

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