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(1 833 295 1999) How do I Change Gmail Account Settings?

Communication ways have been changed through email service. Now, everyone can easily deliver and send any message by this electronic mail in very short period of time. It email process near to all friends, collegues and business person. If you are joining to this email then you can access to their Gmail account by various gadgets like Desktop, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod or other smartphones. Today, 80% clients use to this mail account through the mobile device. It is extremely secure, effortless and accurate ways to sort out communication problem through the latest procedure.

What is the Process to Access Gmail Account?

It will possible by email id and password if you don’t remember to their account details for sometimes or long time then you can’t right to use Gmail account. So, email address and password is an important part of login process to Gmail account. Make sure your password unique and don’t share these details with anyone.

What is the Role of Account Setting in Gmail Account?


It plays an exceptionally significant role like a user can setup to their mail account according to their lifestyle, color, change location on Gmail account. For example, you want to bold unread emails in their account then you can change by setting or some other type account overview.

Simple ways to change Gmail account settings like

  1. First of all, open to your Gmail account by email id and password on any browser.
  2. Now, you can click on sign in button.
  3. After click sign in, your mail account will be open and there you can see the right-hand side gear option.
  4. Search setting and click on it when you will see.
  5. At the present, the client will change to their setting such as General, Labels, or Accounts and Import or Accounts, language, create a signature, select category, change Gmail password or some additional settings.
  6. When you’re done updating your settings, click Save Changes.

By following instructions, users can change to their every Gmail account setting in very shortest time manually. Its method will help out to customers for change and high-quality appear Gmail account. If you want to delete any category like Social, Promotions, and Updates or would like to add additional category then it will possible by only account setting alternative.

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