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How to Fix Gmail account stopped working on computer?

This post began addressing the issue with not able to work with Gmail on a computer system. But before the solution of this problem first, you have to know what is Gmail and why Gmail? See! In this technology era, we have numerous of webmail services which make your daily activity quickly and easy such as yahoo, outlook, hotmail etc. But today which I am talking about is most advanced and enabled with incredible features i.e. Gmail. Perhaps there will be no one who doesn’t know about the Gmail. Google introduced this amazing feature in the year of 2004 with lots of inbuilt features such as:

  • Instant mailing
  • Wonderful storage capacity
  • Mail backup facility
  • Digital signature, automatic responder etc

Why you Choose Gmail?

Once you successfully create your Gmail account then you can easily explore its features and services. The user can easily access this Gmail in their computer system and mobile devices.

What to do if your Gmail is Stopped Working on Computer?

But as per our post title, I found that some of the users are not able to work with their Gmail account on the computer. Don’t worry this is not a big problem. Here I offer some of the best troubleshooting tips to get rid of your problem. Simply follow the steps which I discuss below.

  1. If your Gmail is not working on your computer then might be the problem is somewhere related to browser issue which is installed on your computer. Quickly check your browser is it supported a browser or not? Do you know about supported browsers? If no, then let me tell you the Gmail works well in some of the most supported browsers such as internet explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. If you are using these kinds of browsers in your computer then surely you didn’t face any kind of problem regarding Gmail.
  2. Again Gmail is not working on your computer? Immediately check your internet connection. Sometimes it happens due to internet connectivity. If you manually resolve your problem then it’s ok otherwise contact your internet service provider to solve this issue.
  3. Sometimes the Gmail problem is related with browser’s cookies and cache. So quickly clear your cookies and cache.
  • Go to your browser such as chrome. Open the toolbar of chrome and click on more. After that hit the more tool then press clear browsing data
  • Then click the check boxes for cookies and other site data and cached images and files
  • Then choose the amount of data which you have to delete & click on clear browsing data.

These are the simple instructions for sort out to Gmail account stopped working error but you can also get assistance to this problem or Gmail not receiving emails by the instant help of Gmail Customer Support they will guide you in right way.

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