How do I Install Google Chrome browser on PC or computer?

Google Chrome is a famous web browser in modern time. Many people are using it for surfing, browsing, accessing websites and social accounts. Due to a fast loading of web pages, you can search any query on the internet within seconds. It is a free web browser, so you can download it and set as a default browser for accessing websites quickly.

A process to install Google Chrome web browser in windows

Before downloading Google Chrome browser, users must ensure that your system is supporting that version which you are downloading. If not, please select the best one for your system or device.

  • Visit the Google Chrome homepage.
  • You can also click on the link for direct downloading.
  • Click on DOWNLOAD CHROME button.
  • If you want to download the setup for offline, select offline installer.
  • Save & download the file to your PC.
  • Double- click on .exe or setup file of Chrome set up to Run.
  • Click on OK button on confirmation window to allow or confirmation.
  • After installation Chrome browser, you can set as a default browser.
  • You can also set your email account by entering email address and password.

For more necessary information related to Google Chrome, they can also visit Google Chrome Customer Support Service. Google Chrome browser also provides private browsing facility to maintain user’s privacy. They can open New Incognito Window or can also press Ctrl + shift + N keys of a keyboard. It is good for private browsing and not save any information or history such as cookies, a cache of a user.

1-833-410-5666 How to solve the Mozilla Firefox installation problem?

Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser which is best suitable for windows, macOS, Linux, operating system etc. This web browser is praised for its speed, security, and add-ons as compared to any other web browsers including some of the advanced features such as live bookmarking, smart bookmarks, private browsing, tabbed browsing etc. If you want to use it so, first of all, you have to download it then you can use this amazing web browser.

How to install/download the Mozilla Firefox?

But here I found one common issue which is normally asked by lots of users i.e. installation problem. They successfully download the Mozilla Firefox but they found installation problem in Firefox. I guess, you too would have faced this problem. If yes, then find the reliable solution regarding this problem.

First I will show you how to download and install the Mozilla Firefox then we will discuss the problem related to installation.

  1. First go to Firefox download page by the help of any browser like internet explorer, Google chrome etc. Once it opens click on download Firefox button.
  2. Make sure if you use Microsoft internet explorer for download the Firefox, a notification bar will appear with options to run the installer and save the file. Now click on run option to start the process. But if you are using any other web browser, first you have to save the Firefox installer in your system then open the file you downloaded.
  3. Finally, wait for some time to install the Firefox once it complete.

Here you successfully download and install the Mozilla Firefox. Now the problem is related to an installation problem.

How to solve the installation problem in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Might be possible the problem is simply fixed by restarting your system and start your Firefox again.
  2. Sometimes the installation problem is also occurring due to browser’s cookies and cache. So immediately clear the cookies and cache.
  • First hit the menu button then click on history and select clear recent history. After that, you have to select the “everything” under the option of “time range to clear”.
  • Then click on the arrow which is next to details and choose both cookies and cache. Finally hit the clear now button.

3. You can also reinstall the Firefox.

  • First, you have to download the latest version of Firefox and now exit from the Firefox. After that uninstall the Firefox from your computer and delete the Firefox program which is located in these locations such as:
  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
  • Finally, reinstall the Firefox.

Today, few clients face same issues like why my Firefox is not working, how you update Firefox it is not the tough issue if the user chooses right ways of solution. If you have the same error then you can talk with the Mozilla Firefox Customer Support which is very careful.

Why my Google Chrome Browser is not working properly? Solve here

What happens, your Google chrome is not perfectly working? Or there are other faulty issues which prevent you to working on Google Chrome. Behind this problem may be some another technical reason which irritates to all Chrome browser customers for use from this awesome Google Chrome browser. If is it so, then find the quick solution in this post and solve if Google browser is not working properly.

How do I fix my Google Chrome Not Working Fault?

  1. Straightforward uninstall your existing version and install the new fresh one. Uninstall the chrome in the window:
  • First, you have to open the control panel and choose the program and features or uninstall a program. Now choose Google Chrome from the list and hit the uninstall option.
  • Uninstall the chrome in OS-X
  • Here open your application folder and drag the Chrome application in your trash folder.
  • After these above steps, open your Chrome website in internet explorer or safari as per your choice and enter in the browser.
  • After that hit the download chrome button, once you hit it, it automatically correct version for your operating system.
  • Then you have to click on installation file which is located at top of the browser once it finishes the downloading.
  • Now sign in chrome and check your problem will solve.

If you are facing to Google Chrome not responding windows 8, Google Chrome won’t load pages problem in their account then get the solution through contact technical consultants they will provide an explanation to you.

If you find any other issue regarding Google chrome then try below steps to solve it.

  1. Sometimes due to internet connection issue, this happens. Due to the bad internet connection, you receive an error message. The best way to resolve this particular problem is to open another browser and try to visit some of the browsers.
  2. Immediately disable or uninstall your extension. For this:
  • First, open your chrome and click on more icon then click on more tool.
  • After that hit the extension and click remove which is next to extension.
  1. You can also do one thing, simply clear your all cookies. For this:
  • Go to chrome and click on menu icon then again click on setting option.
  • After that hit the button of show advanced setting which is located at bottom of the screen. Then click on the content setting under the privacy section.
  • Here you have to click on all cookies and site data. And finally, click on remove all option.
  1. For this problem, you can also check your proxy setting too. For this:
  • Same goes to chrome then more icon and click on setting.
  • Here click on show advanced setting and click on change proxy setting. Now click on LAN setting and checked on “automatically detect setting”

Hope by using these above methods you are able to solve your chrome issue. You can also get tips from Google Chrome Customer Support expert’s.