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4 Effortless Methods to Recovery Gmail Account – How to Recover a Gmail Password?

Gmail password is a necessary part of every account access without password Gmail don’t give permission to login anyone. So, whenever you are trying to open the account first you will need the email id and password. But today, we look a number of common problem customer like don’t remember Gmail password, forgot Gmail password or hacked Gmail account password if you are facing error in their mail account without password recovery you can’t access once again to your Gmail account. If you are one of the customers who is finding help to password recovery then you can get a solution by our helpful article, in this article we will describe all of the information of account recovery by easy and accurate steps.

Why you require Recovery of Gmail Password?

Every annoy can be solved by painless and accurate procedure when the user follows in the right direction. When the user is using a number of mail account then password don’t keep in mind it is ordinary occur that reason they can’t open Gmail account for sometimes. In this case, they can save the password in the web-browser which they are using like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox etc. If you choose not simple password then you can face to this kind trouble in their mail account so choose straightforward password but it should be unique.

How do I get my Gmail Password when I forget it?

No worry, if you have forgotten your Gmail password every client face to this type problem in their mail account. Solve to your query by following 4 procedures.

Process 1:- Using the Gmail Website with a phone number

Learn here complete steps to password recovery by using Gmail website with the phone number like

  1. To begin with, visit to
  2. Next, a user can click on forgot the password.
  3. After that client needs the previous password you keep in mind and click on Next.
  4. Now you require make sure a text message on your mobile number.
  5. Later type this verification code in the box.
  6. Then type a new password and once again new password for confirm it.
  7. Final click on change password.

It is the very helpful step for recover Gmail account via mobile phone number recovery method.

Process 2:- Using the Gmail Website with Alternate Email Address

Find out the answer to password recovery by using Gmail website with an alternate email address like

  • At first, go to
  • Now the client can get on forgot password option.
  • Subsequently, the user will type the old password that you remember and click on Next.
  • At present verify an alternate email id to a recovery email account.
  • Later user will open the message and type the verification code in the box.
  • Then type a new password and again password, confirm it.
  • Last click on change password.

By this procedures, the user can quickly recovery Gmail password by email address technique.

Process 3:- Using the Gmail App

Make use of the following instructions for account password recovery by Gmail App like

  1. At the start, open the Gmail app.
  2. Next, you need to tap +Add and email address and tap Google.
  3. Later type the email or mobile number in the box that you have to verify the account.
  4. After that tap next.
  5. Now you can tap forgot password.
  6. Then type the old password you remember and tap next.
  7. The user will verify a text to the phone or email address for recovery email account.
  8. At the present open the email id or text message that you get from Google.
  9. At this time type the verification in the message.
  10. Now, go into a new password, type once again the password for confirming it.
  11. Last tap next and accept.

If you are using Gmail App then it steps can help you for Gmail account recovery, it will take a very short period of time.

How can I recover my Google Account password?

Process 4:- Using the Google recovery page

Use of the latest technique for recover to your Gmail account password by Google recovery page like

  • First of all, user necessitates opening the Google recovery page by visiting
  • Next, type your email address and click next.
  • Now type your password and click next.
  • After that get on continue.
  • Later review your account, click submit.
  • Subsequently, enter a mobile phone number and click continues.
  • Then get back your verification code, now you can type the code.
  • Next click continues.

Now user can open their Gmail account and use for any type work. Change Password of Gmail, if you are facing this error in their mail account then don’t worry you can solve and get help to this problem from professional’s experts.

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