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Gmail Password Recovery and Reset Support

Often user fail to remember the password and that time the Gmail will block your access from mailing. What you will do to normalize your Gmail account? The only possible way to recovering the block is by recovering the forgotten password through Gmail password recovery options. Those who are still unaware about the password recovery can read this article.

There are basically three ways that a user can recover Gmail passwords are:

1. Through the email address

2. Through the Mobile number

3. recovery through the alternate prompts. Among these three, by phone number recovery is the best option. If that option not works for you, then choose the other two methods.

Recover Gmail Password through the Mobile.

1. At first, access to the sign in page of Gmail

2. Now, click on the link ‘Need Help’ shown right below the Gmail sign in option

3. Over the next page you can see an option ‘I don’t know my password’ that shown right below to the heading ‘Having trouble signing in?

4. Now select, ‘I don’t know my password’ and enter the email address that shown right below the message. Then, Click On Continue

5. Over the next page, verify the CAPATCA. In case the CAPTCHA is not appeared in the readable format, then click on refresh icon to get the new verification code.

6. The next page is the verification tab, where the users need to verify their account legitimacy through the mobile number. Over there, Gmail provided two options for getting the code. One option of getting the code is through an automated call and the other option is through an automated SMS.

7. Once after finish the verification, you will get a tab to reset the Gmail password.

Gmail Password Recovery through the alternative email address

If the password recovery through the mobile number not works for you, then choose this secondary email option for recovering the alternative email address. Here is the procedure for that. (Continuing From 5):

1. Click on Other options and select the alternative email address for getting the password access.

2. Now, check your alternative email address for the verification link. Click on that link. It will redirect you to the page of account recovery where you can reset the Gmail password. Enter your new password there multiple times and click then ‘Create New password.

Things to Remember

a. Never configure your Gmail with a weak unsteady password

1.Make sure that the password you entered haven’t resembled with the existing password. The reason behind such a recommendation is, if yours current Gmail password might have resemblance with the existed password, then will be easier to a hacker to crack the user’s account.

2.If yours alternate email address is not a Gmail hosted one, then there might have chances for falling the Google verification link to the other folders than primary. Gmail customer service is also available for users help.