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How to solve the Mozilla Firefox installation problem?


Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser which is best suitable for windows, macOS, Linux, operating system etc. This web browser is praised for its speed, security, and add-ons as compared to any other web browsers including some of the advanced features such as live bookmarking, smart book marks, private browsing, tabbed browsing etc. If you want to use it so, first of all, you have to download it then you can use this amazing web browser.

But here I found one common issue which is normally asked by lots of users i.e. installation problem. They successfully download the Mozilla Firefox but they found installation problem in Firefox. I guess, you too would have faced this problem. If yes, then find the reliable solution regarding this problem.

First I will show you how to download and install the Mozilla Firefox then we will discuss the problem related to installation.

  1. First go to Firefox download page by the help of any browser like internet explorer, Google chrome etc. Once it opens click on download Firefox button.
  2. Make sure if you use Microsoft internet explorer for download the Firefox, a notification bar will appear with options to run the installer and save the file. Now click on run option to start the process. But if you are using any other web browser, first you have to save the Firefox installer in your system then open the file you downloaded.
  3. Finally, wait for some time to install the Firefox once it complete.

Here you successfully download and install the Mozilla Firefox. Now the problem is related to an installation problem.

How to solve the installation problem in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Might be possible the problem is simply fixed by restarting your system and start your Firefox again.
  2. Sometimes the installation problem is also occurring due to browser’s cookies and cache. So immediately clear the cookies and cache.
  • First hit the menu button then click on history and select clear recent history. After that, you have to select the “everything” under the option of “time range to clear”.
  • Then click on the arrow which is next to details and choose both cookies and cache. Finally hit the clear now button.

3. You can also reinstall the Firefox.

  • First, you have to download the latest version of Firefox and now exit from the Firefox. After that uninstall the Firefox from your computer and delete the Firefox program which is located in these locations such as:
  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox
  • Finally, reinstall the Firefox.

Gmail account stopped working on computer? Get best tips to solve this


This post began addressing the issue with not able to work with Gmail on a computer system. But before the solution of this problem first, you have to know what is Gmail and why Gmail?

See! In this technology era, we have numerous of web mail services which make your daily activity quickly and easy such as yahoo, outlook, hotmail etc. But today which I am talking about is most advanced and enabled with incredible features i.e. Gmail. Perhaps there will be no one who doesn’t know about the Gmail. Google introduced this amazing feature in the year of 2004 with lots of inbuilt features such as:

  • Instant mailing
  • Wonderful storage capacity
  • Mail backup facility
  • Digital signature, automatic responder etc

Once you successfully create your Gmail account then you can easily explore its features and services. The user can easily access this Gmail in their computer system and mobile devices. But as per our post title, I found that some of the users are not able to work with their Gmail account on the computer. Don’t worry this is not a big problem. Here I offer some of the best troubleshooting tips to get rid of your problem. Simply follow the steps which I discuss below.

  1. If your Gmail is not working on your computer then might be the problem is somewhere related to browser issue which is installed on your computer. Quickly check your browser is it supported a browser or not? Do you know about supported browsers? If no, then let me tell you the Gmail works well in some of the most supported browsers such as internet explorer, Google chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc. If you are using these kinds of browsers in your computer then surely you didn’t face any kind of problem regarding Gmail.
  2. Again Gmail is not working on your computer? Immediately check your internet connection. Sometimes it happens due to internet connectivity. If you manually resolve your problem then it’s ok otherwise contact your internet service provider to solve this issue.
  3. Sometimes the Gmail problem is related with browser’s cookies and cache. So quickly clear your cookies and cache.

  • Go to your browser such as chrome. Open the toolbar of chrome and click on more. After that hit the more tool then press clear browsing data
  • Then click the check boxes for cookies and other site data and cached images and files
  • Then choose the amount of data which you have to delete & click on clear browsing data.

How do I solve Gmail inbox login password error?


The most reliable and free email service provider & allow users to use 15GB of space for emails i.e. only Gmail. People use this Gmail account for various purposes that are why they create this account. But unfortunately, somehow they are not able to login in their Gmail account. Obviously, it seems very annoying and irritating because you didn’t have any choice to login in your Gmail account and as a result, it brings a huge loss to your business.

Well, there are lots of reasons behind this particular problem; here you will find common reasons regarding this problem and its exact solution.

  1. This is normally happening with most of the user, they forget their password that’s why they are not able to login in their respective Gmail account. Now the perfect solution is, to move account support page of Google and follow the instructions. Then Google asks some of the normal questions regarding your Gmail account. Once you correctly give all the answer then surely you are capable to recover your password.
  2. Again this issue has occurred?  Damn sure the problem is related with your browser’s cookies and cache. Here you have to delete the cookie & cache and browser’s history. For this:
  • If you are using the internet explorer then, open it and click on setting or tool which is located at right side
  • Now click on internet option and it the delete option then clicks on OK.
  1. If the DNS address is incorrect then definitely users are not able to log in. So immediately change the DNS address and make it You can also reboot your computer, modem, and router and again try to access the Gmail. Hope it works well.
  2. If the user knows both username and password but still not able to log in their account, it means the problem is internal. Like: ensure that caps lock is turned off, there is no any kind of typo in your username and on password; a keyboard is always in the right language.
  3. Make sure, if your account is suspended then 100% sure you are no longer to login in your Gmail account. But why your Gmail account is suspended? Guys keep one thing in your mind, if you violate any Google policy then Google will block or suspend your account for temporary. If you think that Google blocked your Gmail account then you can submit a request to Google. After that Google will look into your matter.

Google Chrome Browser not working properly? Solve here


What happens, your Google chrome is not perfectly working? Or there are other faulty issues which prevent you to working on Google chrome. If is it so, then find the quick solution in this post and solve if Google browser is not working properly.

  1. Straight forward uninstall your existing version and install the new fresh one. Uninstall the chrome in the window:
  • First, you have to open the control panel and choose the program and features or uninstall a program. Now choose Google Chrome from the list and hit the uninstall option.
  • Uninstall the chrome in OS-X
  • Here open your application folder and drag the Chrome application in your trash folder.
  • After these above steps, open your Chrome website in internet explorer or safari as per your choice and enter google.com/chrome/browser/ in the browser.
  • After that hit the download chrome button, once you hit it, it automatically correct version for your operating system.
  • Then you have to click on installation file which is located at top of the browser once it finishes the downloading.
  • Now sign in chrome and check your problem will solve.

If you find any other issue regarding Google chrome then try below steps to solve it.

  1. Sometimes due to internet connection issue this happens. Due to the bad internet connection, you receive an error message. The best way to resolve this particular problem is to open another browser and try to visit some of the browsers.
  2. Immediately disable or uninstall your extension. For this:
  • First, open your chrome and click on more icon then click on more tool.
  • After that hit the extension and click remove which is next to extension.
  1. You can also do one thing, simply clear your all cookies. For this:
  • Go to chrome and click on menu icon then again click on setting option.
  • After that hit the button of show advanced setting which is located at bottom of the screen. Then click on the content setting under the privacy section.
  • Here you have to click on all cookies and site data. And finally, click on remove all option.
  1. For this problem, you can also check your proxy setting too. For this:
  • Same goes to chrome then more icon and click on setting.
  • Here click on show advanced setting and click on change proxy setting. Now click on LAN setting and checked on “automatically detect setting”

Hope by using these above methods you are able to solve your chrome issue.

What can I do if my Gmail account and password was hacked & changed?


Have you heard the word “account hijacked or compromised” damn sure you all aware of this term if you are working with your Gmail account or any else account? The hacking is very concern activity which is done by the unknown person or unauthorized person who steal or theft your all personal and professional data and misuses your email id to do this. And for your kind information let me tell you, the hackers are very clever they already change your password, security questions, etc so that you are not able to recover your Gmail account.

But make sure if your basic account recovery option and phone number are not changed then definitely you are capable of recovering your Gmail account. In this post, I will tell you how to recover hacked Gmail account by following the post below. Have a look:

  1. Folks, immediately go to Google account login page and hit the need help link. Once you did it, this page will redirect you Google account recovery page.
  2. Here you have to choose I don’t know my password, then enter your email address and click on continue opti`on. After that, you will see the CAPTCHA form, so fill out very carefully and click the continue button. Enter your last remember password or you can also go with I don’t know option and hit the continue option.
  3. Here Google will play a vital role to recover your Gmail account. It offers you basic password reset option. But make sure it works only when if you forget your password. But here the case is different because your Gmail account was hacked. Here you have to go with another option called “verify your identity” which is located at bottom of your page.
  4. This “verify your identity” process will automatically redirect you the verification process where you can simply recover your account by giving the answer to multiple questions.
  5. Now it’s up to you if you give the best possible answer and if your answer is matched with Google expectation then surely are able to recover your hacked Gmail account.

Still, if you have any doubts or queries then simply you can make a direct connection with technical experts for the immediate solution. They can easily troubleshoot your all problem regarding Gmail and make you error free.

What are the Password and Username Requirement for Gmail Account?


The Gmail is widely popular and most preferably free web mail service provider. Today not only one or two countries using Gmail for their daily work, but almost half of the world’s user prefer Gmail to maintain their all kind of personal work and professional work. There is millions of active user worldwide whose first choice is Gmail. Gmail doesn’t mean for only send the email or receive the mail that’s it. But from now onwards you can do numerous of activities with this splendid feature of Google.

If you want to explore its services then you have to first sign up means create an account in Gmail. Once you create an account then you are capable of taking the advantage of this feature. But whenever you are going to create any account in Gmail, so there are some norms for password and username. If you do not follow those norms, so definitely Google not allow you to create an account. But if you want to be a regular user of Gmail then surely you have to follow these norms which are related to password and username which helps you to create an account.

  • Folks! Make sure, the username always contains letters which are (a-z), numbers (0-9), underscore (_), dashes (-), apostrophes (‘).
  • The username never includes the equal sign (=), plus sign (+), ampersand (&), brackets (<,>), comma (,).
  • The password never start or finish with white space characters
  • The username always starts or finish with non-alpha numeric characters with minimum 64 characters.
  • The password should contain minimum 8 characters and contains combination of ASCII characters
  • The maximum length is 100 characters at most.
  • The first name and last name support only Unicode with a maximum of 60 characters.

Now simply I tell you how easily you can create an account in Gmail:

  1. First, open the Google home page then click on Gmail. Then a new window will appear where you see the option of sign in or create an account.
  2. Click on create an account, now you have to fill all the details which are mention over there. Such as first name, last name, username, password, confirm the password, mobile number, location.
  3. Then verify your account by clicking on I agree with the option. You can verify your account through text or voice call, and click on continue option.
  4. Finally, move to open your Gmail account.

How do I Solve if Gmail Account is Not Working on Computer?


This post will address you if you are not able to work on the computer with your Gmail account. Basically, there are several of possible reasons so that it becomes difficult for a user to work on the computer with their Gmail account. Here you will find the proper solution regarding this problem by just following the below post.

  1. Most people facing this difficult because they didn’t type their username and password in the correct form that’s why they are not able to sign in their Gmail account. So, whenever you are using your computer for Gmail, type correct username and password.
  2. But in some cases, user enter their correct username and password but still, they face this kind of problem it means the issue is related with their browser. In that case, you should know which is the supported browser for your Gmail and for your computer. Some  supported browsers are:
  • Internet explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  1. If still, the problem has occurred, then simply you can delete the history of your browser and reset the browser. Hope after doing this step your problem will solve.
  2. If not then clear the cookies and cache of the browser. Open your browser and click on more icon then hit the more tool option. Under the clear browsing data, you have to click on cookies and other site data and cached images and files. Now choose the amount of data which you have to delete. And finally, click on clear browsing data.
  3. Sometimes this happens due to network related issue. To solve this:
  • First, you have to go network and sharing center then just click on manage network.
  • Then right click on network adapter and properties
  • After that, you have to select TCP version 4 and then click on properties. Then choose the type DNS address manually.
  • Then you have to type the IP address & and hit the ok button.
  • Once you did it, then immediately reboot your computer and try to access your email from your computer. Now the problem will solve.

But again if you find that type of technical glitches, just contact to experts for quick assistance.

Gmail login failed? Find best solution here


It is very irritating when you continuously trying to login in your Gmail account but unfortunately, you are not able to sign in. For any new user it just like a horror dreams, didn’t possible to overcome this problem. But if you are a regular user then might be possible what are the possible reasons of login failure and step by step you can solve it. In some of the cases, experienced user also unable to solve that issue because of its internal technical glitches that are why here I mention some of the possible reasons and their solution to overcome the problem of Gmail login failure.

  1. The most common issue is, password forgets if any user forgets their Gmail password then surely your all efforts are in vain. In this hectic situation immediately go to the account support page and follow the instruction whatever given there. You will be asked some of the question related to your account and then reset your password.
  2. It can also happen if you know your password and username but still, this problem has encountered and you will get an error message like your username and password is invalid, wrong or unrecognized. If this happens then immediately check:
  • Caps lock should be off
  • The keyboard is in the right language
  • There is no typo in your username and in your password
  • Simply refresh your browser and again try to log in.
  1. Check the cookies and cache of your browser because in certain cases this encountered problem. So you have to clear the cookies and cache of your browser. For this, you have to open your chrome and click on more icon then hit the more tool option and select the clear browsing data. Now click the cookies and other site data and cached images and files under clear browsing data box. And finally, click on clear browsing data.
  2. If your account is suspended or disabled then definitely you are not able to login in your respected account. Actually, this problem has occurred only when if you didn’t follow the Google’s policies. In that case, your account may suspend from one or multiple Google products, and when you going to sign in then you will receive an error message. So, before sign in just read all the policies of Google and submit a request to solve this problem.

You can also get the perfect solution regarding this problem by just contacting to technical experts.

How to configure Microsoft Outlook with Gmail account?


The Google’s Gmail is outstanding mailing platform for any kind of small and large enterprise. Not merely for business, but you can use it as for personal reason also. Because Gmail facilitates you numerous of features and services which help us to maintain all the activities including personal and professional. And if we configure any web mail service with Gmail then its features increase as well. Suppose if you want to configure the Gmail without a look, you have to first enable your IMAP first then you can easily configure with outlook.

In this post I let you know how easily you can configure the outlook with Gmail. So that you can use your account in an effective way. But before that, you have to enable your IMAP in Gmail first. For this:

  • Go to your Gmail account by entering your email address and password.
  • Now look on the top right side where the setting icon is located, scroll down and find the setting option. Once you find it hit it.
  • Now click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option and choose Enable IMAP option.
  • Finally, click on save changes.

Now configure the outlook with Gmail:

  1. In your Microsoft outlook account, open your file menu and choose the info tab then click on add account.
  2. Once new window will appear, click on “Manual setup or additional server setup and click on next option.
  3. After that select POP or IMAP option and click on next button.
  4. The user information section will appear and enter your name and email address. And enter the various information such as:
  • Account type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server: imap.gmail.com
  • Outgoing mail server: smtp.gmail.com
  1. Enter the following login information and click on more setting.
  2. In internet email setting, you have to click on an outgoing server and check the box which is next to “my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication & click on advanced tab.
  3. Now you have to adjust the server setting:
  • Incoming server (IMAP): 993
  • Outgoing server (SMTP): 587 and click ok to save it. And click on next button.
  1. Once you did it, then outlook test your account setting once it completes, click close, then click on finish and your account will be configured
  2. Might be possible some of the users change their app security setting when they using an Android email program or non-Google. So, signed in your Gmail account, open your Google apps menu and choose my account.
  3. Sign in security option will appear; here you have to select connected apps and sites. Then scroll down to change the setting of “allow less secure apps” you have to it. Now you are able to connect your account to an email client.